Halsbury's Law Exchange

Halsbury’s Law Exchange

I am honoured to be appointed as a member of the Board of Halsbury’s Law Exchange which has just been launched by LexisNexis.

Halsbury’s Law Exchange is an independent and politically neutral think tank which contributes to the development of law and the legal sector. It aims to communicate ideas on reform or legal direction to decision makers and the legal sector and promote debate through papers, reports, events and media pieces.

The website points out that although law constitutes the fabric of our society in the UK and reflects our norms, the principles that underpin our laws are seldom open to reasoned and informed debate that will change or shape legislation. Halsbury’s Law Exchange seeks to change this state of affairs. Through our white papers and current projects, it seeks to be a think tank in the true sense of the term; to debate the legal issues of the day without political or commercial agenda and to influence and prompt change.

Here is a link to the website